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at this gas station.. a mother becomes a hero.a man steals her car with her aby inside. the two things she does.. to save her child's liff. 3 3 all i have to say is cry me a rr river she's lookinggfor a date from justin timberlake. why this soldier.. could get her wish. today is thursday , july 14th.
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a tragic story out of northeast baltimore... where a 2 year-old girl died in a car happened wednesday night... along the alameda near harford road. 3 the child was thrown rom a car... that police say hit a tree. the child's father and another child were also injured in the crash... but they are expected to survive. 3police are defending their
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response time... after getting a burglarr call... from a baltimore resident.the resident claims she called while he crime was in progress... and that it took police more than an hour to get there. but police say the homeownerrnever actually saii the crime was happening at that moment... making the call a non- emergency... and low priority. 3 "even still, a whole hour lltee, no, it's still unacceptable to me. burglary &pin progrees or the door open shouldn't ssill take over an &phour to respond." respond."a police spokesman says at thh time of the homeowner's call... officers in the area were busy with about 50 other calls. in hooaad county... a two alarm fire that tore through happened wednesday night around 10-15 in elkridge ... on washington boulevard.the firr was uudee control in 45 mmnutes... after reinforcements ere called. there were no reporttd injuries. in owings mmlls.. dozens of
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people are homeless... after a fire ripped through a townhome... because of unattended cooking.ttat's what auuhoritiessare blaming for the fire. it broke out around two wednesday afternoon at the morningsidd townhome compkex on reisterstown road.13 homes were damaged by the fire. a 46- year old m---a workers is dead this morning.. after meningitis..he worker died tuesday morning at union memooiallhospital after contracting the bacteria. bacteria.therr's no public health risk.doctors talked to phhse close to the workkr.. and recommended treatment. treatment.the victim's name is ánotá being released. 3&a u-ssrrpresentative is calling for the impeachment of president obama... if he oversteps his authority... and raises the nation's debt limit. representative tim scott says any attempt by the president... o raise the debt limit without congressionaa approval... is an "impeachabbe" offense.some argue that under the 14th amendmeet to the constitutton... the president has the authority to raise the
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debt cciling.but others say... that's misinterpretation of the constitution. with the deadline looming... leaders in wassinnton are involved in some heated federal debt four of negotiations ended on a tense nott... with presiddnt obama reportedly walking out of the meeting. but as melisa administration officials have warned that failure to raise the current 14-point-three trillion dollar debt ceiling by august 2 could trigger a partial default. 3 four straight days of negotiations have leaders in washhngton at their boiling point. "for a guy wwethought was no drrma obama sounds like a pretty ramatic meeting." during wednesdayys meetinn.. house majority leader ericc cantor says he and president obama squared off ovvr the repuulican's call for a short-term extension of tte federal debt ceiling. he says the president responded with "don't call my bluff." "the preeident sort of told the entire group that this is exactly what americans think
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of as washington at its worst. washington atering to the pase, catering to politics, putting their wn political future ahead of doing important thingssand taking on the big issuee."democrats and pepublicaas have lockkd horns over proposed tax increasee and budget cuts in the measure. "what's at issue at the moment is getting a deal done. and i often happens in washinnton, something small, somethinn temporary and something that both sides are unhappy about is probably what will ensue." the president shows no sign of backing own."" do havv it confiimed that this president really did say with my presidency at stake i will not yield on this issue."an the august 2nd deadline.if &pnot... washington will lack the money o pay its biils.. which analysts say could cause interest rates to skyrocket and thh value of the dollar to pecliie.i'm melisa raney reporting. negotiations are expected to resume in washiigton later today.
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drug charggs.marion s faccng - christophhe baary was taken into custody back in may... after authorities say they found a vial of p-c-p and marijuana inside his apartmeet. the younger barry is due in court ... later his month for a preliiinarr hearing.the elder barry was the former mayor of washhngton d-c. family...friends... and mourners will say thhir final goodbyes to former irst lady... betty ford.hee remains arrived in her home wednesday afternoon. current and former first ladies attended the public memorial service in palm desert california... earlier this viewing issscheduled for later this morning at the presidential library. if your child is tipping thh scaaes... to obesity... a controversial new article the article... out of harvard univsersity suggests itssa form of chiid abuse. researchers say it would bb okay to remove the child.. if there was proof the parenns rrpeatedll refused to address the children's heelth problems.. including severe
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obesity.critics of the article says the theory is well intentioned... but misguided. race day is still 7 weeks away, but the impact of baltimore's first grand prix is already being felt. swift, ....traffic is not. so how much worse is it going to get? future race course... in morning joel d. good good - it will be a location where the grand prix driverr get up to speeds oo 100 mph. some commuters around here would settle for 20 mphhat timms. much worse will it get before the big raceeon laborrday? 3 want to know for sure.... poday grand prix officials and city transportation officials are holding the second of 3 days of informationnsessions on how bad they think it will really be out here. maps and pictures, telllpart of the story.. .but most likely it will eventually look like this
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to he folks actually trying to get around downtown. 3 3 3 sold out. 3
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3 sold out. 3 3 ccming up on the early eeition... the search is on for the otter suspect in the kidnapping of an eight year oldd altimore boy. boy.11:18:02 i said ttat's the little boy missing and i started dialing 911 thh surprising ransom demand
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for the kkdnapped boy. boy.
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3 first oo fox... a baltimore man carjacks a mother and her speed chase through the city with police on their happened late last night along edmonson avenue.but... wait till you hear ow the mother and her baby gottaway...megan gilliiand is live from the pcene rrght now with the latest. latest.good morning patricc, witnnsses say a woman as ssanding right here
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pumping gas... when the suspect forced his way into her car.but with the wommn's baby insidee.. she jumps in to. and the suspect takes off. hitting t least one other car on the way out... shortly aater... a trooppr spots the speeding lexus traveling southhound on i-99. and a chase begins... with speedd around 100 miles per hour now the trroper follows the car onto the outerloop of i-495 towards ockvvlleethe now appears to be hanging s open, due to the collision the suspect swerves in and out of lanns... the mother, holding her baby tight... jumps out of the car and rolls out into hgihway... just past the cabin john parkwaa.the suspecttthen surrenddrs onto the shoulder of i-495.and was taken immediately into custtdy by troopers. troopers..e's been now identifiee as 22-year old terron white of baltimore.he's
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&pfacing multiple ttaffic violations... and criminal for the victims...the 24-year - &pold mother from baltimore and her 20-month old baby... werr treated nd released from the the trooper involved was also takennto the hospital... but we're told he will be ok. the investigation continues still this in pest baltimoree,megan gilliland, fox45 mornnng news. ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist))
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) map joee map fiber map wilkens
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3 3 p3 -3 3 still to come... chhylser ii putting the brakes on several of it's models.. the problem that has them think peopleewill do anything -- in this day and age to get what they want. want.and the surprising motive behind the kidnapping of an eight yeaa old child.find ut the ransom.. the kidnappers demanded.
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morning ... for another suspect in the kidnappinggof an 8-year old baltimore boy. lepola says.. the child was kidnapped for cash. cash. ((pkg)) ((nat sound of chhld returning home ffom john men who kidnapped 8 year old darrick brown demanded a 5-
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11:22:12 i think people will do anything in this day and age to get what they want. helen jones lives down the were keeping darrick inside a vacant home. she came to his rescue... after she spotted him on the treet. 11:18:02 i said that's the ittle boy missing and i started dialing 911 because he asked if he his grandmother. court all - pocumentssimply... the mastermind behind the kidnapping is this man aheem always wwat else ii behiig this. kidnapping usualll involve someone's abiiity to pay where are you geeting the nature as a poliie officer it mmkes me thing that way. involved since brown's father has prior arrests.. drugs, ransom and kidnapping the very natureeof this case has at least one resident wondering if baltimore's criminals are ramping it up. (helenn 11::8:56 you never know. he may have been ffund
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in there dead lord knows how llong before someone found them (norris) 10:14:47 it's still a very violent city. i think people need to remember that you've got a lot of cirme and not just a little bit more but a lot more were ay more violent thatn most city's in the country way at the top. booker just got out of jail 3 and half weeks ago. tayloo remaiis wanted by police. straighh ahead.... big hell for he yankee an who caught derek jeeer's 3- thoussndth hit..e was orginally goinn to be áhitt with a huge tax bill..but find out whose agreed to pick upp the tab... and more! more!and chrysler pick p truck drivers... some of yourr vehiclessare causing concern. the problem that has the company recalling thousands of it's best selling [ female announcer ] did you know nine out of ten growing kids don't get
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pankke fan. and assdennis kneale reports... an auto company is putting the brakks on some of it's bess selling models. america's top money aan federal reserve hairman ben berranke telling lawmakers on capitol hill, if the economy needs more juice... the stimulus to tryyand pick it up. that had stocks rallling to snap a thhee--ay llsing streak...but off the highs of the session.. amid that phone-hacking scandaa in london...nnws corp, the parent company of fox news channel,,dropping its bid or british skk broadcasttng. the deal wouud have been news corp's largest acquisition to date. news corp ssill owns 39 percent of b-sky-b. meantime chrysler putting the brakes on some models f its top-selling vehicle. 240-thousand rrm pick up n over trucks over steeeing problems. and another big catch...for the fan who caughtt hit number 3000 from derek jjter. after reports that christian lopez could get slapped with a 14-thousand
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dollar tax bill after getting some free-bees from the yankees... miller high life and the "modell's" sportingggoods store offering to pick up tte tax tab ... aad cover the 23 year old's business. i'm dennis kneale. coming up... a soldier wants singer justin timberlake to cry her a river... at a milltary ball. how she went about asking the ññ health rrsk. the
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most daageroos month o get find hell.. on ffo 3 p,3 3&
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